Perfect Balanced Keto Diet for You Now

A balanced diet provides 45-65% of your calories as carbohydrates, 20 -35% of calories as fat and 10-35% of calories as protein. In the case of the ketogenic diet, less than 5% of calories come from carbohydrates, 60% of calories come from fat and 35% from calories from protein. This distribution is intended to promote the feeling of satiety and reduce the production of insulin (a hormone that promotes the absorption of energy in the form of glycogen and / or fat). So the promise of fast weight loss is still there.

The scientific literature seems to agree on this point: the ketogenic diet promotes a greater weight loss than a medium-high carbohydrate diet (35% of carbohydrates, 35% of proteins, 30% of fat) even when the participants do not do not count the total caloric intake (so when they listen to their satiety).

A loss of muscle and water rather than fat

Nevertheless, it is important to mention that a loss of glycogen and muscle is more important with the shark tank weight loss keto diet. In addition, each gram of glycogen and lost muscle causes a loss three times greater water. So a loss of 4 lbs on the scale results in 1 lb. of muscle / glycogen and 3 lbs of water. This phenomenon explains why a more intense thirst is felt: the body tries to restore the water balance. After only a few days, the fat stores are used to provide energy, since a loss of continuous muscle mass will result in death too quickly. So we save the muscle protein to promote the use of fat.

Adverse effects on health

When the body uses fat as a source of energy, toxic waste is produced, the ketone bodies. We notice then that the urine has a different smell and that a metallic taste settles in the mouth. Ketosis is then installed.

Then, difficulties of concentration are felt. Indeed, the brain carbides only carbohydrates (minimum 120g / day) while the ketogenic diet rarely provides more than 20 g per day. Finally, this type of diet can cause deficiencies of vitamin C, vitamin B complex, fiber and antioxidants. A decrease in the immune system, constipation, irritability, headaches, depression and fatigue can then follow.

A regain of weight following the diet

It is important to mention that even though weight loss may be greater and faster, weight gain in the maintenance phase will also be greater. In fact, lost glycogen reserves are resumed with their water quota! In addition, the basal metabolic rate may be decreased due to excessive restriction and loss of muscle mass. The weight gain is then higher. Finally, people who have followed the keto diet pills shark tank end up with a weight loss equal to those who consumed an average carbohydrate intake after only one week in the maintenance phase, since they gained more weight. All such folks can pay a visit to for great tips related to weight loss.

When you want to change your eating habits, always ask yourself the following question: Can you keep changing all your life? In fact, losing weight is not just a challenge that comes within a month, but to make realistic and lasting changes that fit well in your way of life.